Community Outreach

Smiling Scholarship

Orthodontic Care of Georgia is proud to announce the Annual Smiling Scholarship program! Each of five deserving recipients will receive a $1,000 scholarship to apply to college expenses.

Students who are participants in the Andrew & Walter Young Family chapter YMCA programs and are enrolling in college in the fall of 2012 are eligible (including high school seniors and current college students).

To be considered for the scholarship, please submit an essay that describes how financial assistance will help you with your educational goals.

Email your essay to Ms. Diane King at

In the Community

Giving back to the community has always been a part of Dr. Bush’s philosophy. His philanthropic endeavors began when he opened Orthodontic Care of Georgia in 1994. Dr. Bush donated orthodontic care to troubled and neglected children through the Methodist Home in Macon and the Beatrice Carey Steel Pitts Orphanage in Atlanta.

For the past 12 years, Dr. Bush has continued to help children through his Share a Smile program. The Share a Smile program provides free braces to deserving children throughout the Atlanta Metro area. Dr. Bush’s staff and associates, Dr. Sylvester Carlo and Dr. David Lofters, have played a major role in the Share a Smile program by providing orthodontic care in a caring and comfortable environment.

“Since opening the practice in 1994, a large part of our mission has been to help deserving and needy children in our area,” said Dr. Bush, owner of Orthodontic Care of Georgia. “This is an extension of our belief in giving back to our communities through our gifts and abilities.”

Recently, Dr. Bush combined forces with Dr. Walter F. Young and Ambassador Andrew J. Young, Jr. to extend his community service efforts further by providing free orthodontic care to more than 50 children involved in the Andrew and Walter Young Family YMCA. The students and families associated with this organization voted for his recognition from the Andrew and Walter Young YMCA.

“The children and parents are very appreciative,” added Dr. Bush. “The YMCA had an event a few months back and we had huge turnout of happy, smiling kids.”

Dr. Bush and his team also are the platinum sponsor of the 2012 Santa Cops Program put on by the Dekalb Fraternal Order of the Police. OCG sponsored 20 children who were united with police officers and taken to a local store to purchase much needed clothing, household items, as well as Christmas toys of the child’s choice.

Dr. Hector Bush received the Metro Atlanta YMCA’s 2010 Volunteer of Year award in recognition of his involvement in the Andrew & Walter Young Family YMCA.

History of Orthodontic Care of Georgia Community Involvement

1994: Orthodontic Care of Georgia worked with The Methodist Home for Children and Youth to provide orthodontic services for children and teens in the Macon area.

1998: Orthodontic Care of Georgia further extended its support to the Beatrice Carey Pitt Steel orphanage in Atlanta, GA.

The Happy Smile Program is a partnership between Orthodontic Care of Georgia and Councilman Jim Maddox to provide orthodontic care to a middle school student and a high school student in the southwest Atlanta area.

2002: The Share a Smile Program, a partnership with Dr. D.T. Walton, treated one student annually from every middle and high school in Bibb County, Jones County, Houston County, and Twiggs County.

2005: Orthodontic Care of Georgia extended the Share a Smile Program by partnering with the Ryan Cameron Foundation to provide complimentary orthodontic treatment to 50 students selected annually by the Ryan Cameron Foundation in the Atlanta Metro Area.

2009: Dr. Walter Young and Ambassador Andrew J. Young Jr. joined the Share a Smile efforts as a dedication to their father, Dr. Andrew Young, Sr. who practiced dentistry in New Orleans for nearly 60 years. The program is now called the Dr. Andrew Young, Sr. Share a Smile Program.

Orthodontic Care of Georgia is in the planning stages for a new partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of America in Social Circle, GA.